Schedule and Limit

Under the Schedule tab, you will be able to customize the schedule and limits of the Campaign.


Under Schedule, you can set the campaign duration that specifies how long the campaign should be active. Enabling the “Show at Specific Time of the day” allows you to decide the timings at which the campaign must be shown to the user. If you chose a specific time period of the day based on your users' active time, the conversion rate will increase.

Refresh users in Segments

This option must be enabled only when using “Segments” in your target audience. You can specify if the campaign’s target users should be re-evaluated every n number of hours, days, or weeks while the campaign is active. For example, you can refresh the users in the segment and display the campaign to be shown every day.

Limit to Displaying

Finally, set the campaign display limit conditions by selecting the maximum number of times a campaign can be displayed to a user, either per session or overall. To further drill them down and get to the specifications, you can enable the Day and Session Limits to specify how many times it can be shown per session and per day.

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