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Average Sessions Per User

Average Sessions Per User is a metric that calculates the average number of unique sessions or interactions individual users have within your website or application over a day.


Campaigns are the targeted digital nudges in the form of tooltips, coachmarks, modals, badges and videos with the aim of encouraging specific actions, engagement, or conversions among platform users. These digital nudges are often personalized to improve user engagement.

Daily Active Users (DAU):

Daily Active Users, commonly referred to as DAU, represent the number of unique individuals who opened the app at least once in the day. It is calculated based on the users who performed apx_app_opened at least once in the day (00:00 to 23:59 App Time zone set in the Dashboard)

Day 0 Uninstalls:

Day 0 Uninstalls represent the percentage of users who uninstall or delete your application immediately on the same day of their installation. When the user performed the event install and uninstall within same day (00:00 to 23:59). A silent push will be sent for uninstall tracking.

Day 1 Retentions:

Day 1 Retention is a metric that measures the percentage of users who continue to use your website or application one day after their installation. A user is considered retained if on Day0 the user performs the event install and on Day1 the user did apx_app_opened event i.e. the user opens the app.


The app is considered installed, when the user installs the app (which has apxor-sdk integrated) on their device and performs app open event (apx_app_opened) for the first time after installation.


A session starts when the user opens the app or website and ends when either the app is killed or 30 minutes(configurable at the time of integration with Apxor) of inactivity


Surveys are interactive feedback mechanisms widely used to gather end user opinions, preferences, and insights within digital products. The wide range of survey templates(single-choice, multi-choice, short-answer, NPS, rating) enables you to collect valuable information directly from your users, aiding in the refinement of product features, user experience, and overall satisfaction.

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Screen Explainer

A walkthrough campaign consisting of single or multi step to explain the UI elements on a screen using element highlighted tooltips.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a process in which we compare two versions of a digital nudge or campaign design to see which one performs better in goal event conversion. We distribute the users randomly among the variants and measure how many complete the goal event for each of the variant.


A campaign/survey is in Active state if the campaign was published and is currently serving the end users, i.e. the current date time lies between the start date and end date set for the campaign/survey.

startDate < currentDate < endDate


A campaign/survey is in Paused state if the campaign was published and then paused before the end date of the campaign/survey.

startDate < currentDate < endDate


A campaign/survey is in Scheduled state if the campaign was published and the start date of the campaign is yet to come.

currentDate < startDate < endDate


A campaign/survey is in Completed state if the campaign was published and the end date has passed.

startDate < endDate < currentDate


A campaign/survey is in Draft state if the campaign was created by entering the Campaign Name but never published, irrespective of the start date and end date.


The campaigns/surveys in Test mode will also be in the Draft state until they are published.

Creation and Design


A template is a pre-designed layout used as a starting point for creating a digital nudge. Tooltips, InApps, Coachmarks and Badges are the types of templates for a campaign. Request for Survey, Single Choice, Multi Choice, NPS and Thank You are the types of templates for Surveys.

UI Element

UI Elements refer to the visual components and interactive elements of your website or application. Common UI Elements are buttons, text fields, image, icons, etc.

Test Device

A test device is your smartphone which you will register as test device on the dashboard. Before publishing a campaign or survey you can test the outcome of your designed campaign/survey on this device.

Apxor Widget

Apxor widget is a small icon which will appear on top of your selected test device screen once you enable it while selecting an UI Element. After clicking on this widget, you can capture and send the screenshot of your test device screen to the dashboard, which you can use to select the UI Element for associating a nudge with it.


Screen is the custom name set for a screen using Custom Screen API while integrating with Apxor. Apxor SDK uses screen name for evaluating the context for a campaign or survey.


Generally, one activity implements one screen in an app. Apxor SDK uses the activity change event to evaluate context for screen changes.


Path is used to determine the position of an UI element. All the UI elements on a screen are assigned the path based on UI hierarchy. This path is then used to display a nudge associated with this UI element.

View ID / Tag

View ID or tag of an UI element is used to associate a nudge to that UI element. This view ids needs to be assigned to the required UI elements by the developers.

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