Review and Test

Under the Review Tab, you will be able to see an overall summary of the campaign created. You can click on the “Edit” options next to each section box if any changes are needed.

To test the campaign on your test devices, click on “Test” in the top right corner. Select the device(s) from the drop-down menu under “Select your test devices” on which the testing needs to be performed, and click on “Launch Testing”. Click on “Register New Device” at the bottom of dropdown if your device is not listed. Click here for other methods to register your device.

NOTE: For a final confirmation the trigger events are mentioned in the Test Campaign Screen. In case you want to change the trigger events, you can close the test campaign popup and go back to Configuration, or else it can be ignored

Once you click “Launch Testing”, the campaign is auto-saved and will be taken back to the Campaign Listing Page, wherein you can see the campaign name and details in the Drafts.

To test the campaign on your device, open your app and ensure you meet the set context to trigger and launch the campaign.

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