Custom Reports

How to Use

You can download the custom reports from the left panel's Reporting > Custom reports section.

  • Select the cohort, versions, and date range for which you want to download the custom report from the top right section.

  • You can also select a saved report from the drop-down below the select date section in the top right corner.

  • For a new report, select the metrics you want

    • Total Events: Number of times the event was triggered

    • Users: Number of unique users

    • Sessions: Number of unique sessions

  • Select the dimensions you need for the analysis one by one from the drop-down. You can select dimensions from User Attributes, Session Attributes, App Events, apx_user_id, apx_day, apx_date, apx_DayOfTheWeek, apx_custom_user_id, etc.

    • Eg.

      • apx_event_name: Name of the event

      • apx_location_city: Location city of the user

  • Apply filters

    • Include or Exclude

    • select the dimension

    • exact or regex

    • Enter the property value

  • Click the floppy disc icon below “Add Filter” to save this as a report for future use

  • Click the refresh icon below “Add Filter” to refresh the data

  • Click the bin icon below Add Filter to Delete this report

  • Click the download icon beside the search bar to download the csv file.

  • The file will be available for downloading under Settings -> Downloads section in the left panel. The download link will expire after one day.

Example Use Cases

Downloading Cohort details

Consider you have launched an in-app campaign for getting the user's consent on your updated policy. The in-app template has two CTAs, one, I Agree and another, Know more.

You noticed from the results page that a significant amount of users are clicking on Know more and not coming back to click I agree.

You might want to follow up these specific users on call for getting the insights about what they didn't like in the policy.

Now you can create a cohort from the segment of users who clicked on Know more but did not come back and clicked on I agree.

Select that cohort and the date range on the Custom reports page. Select the properties for the user details, eg. user_id, user_name, contact_number, etc.

Click the refresh icon and download the details for your further use.

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