Adding a New App

Please follow the following steps to add a new app to your organisation on the Apxor nudges dashboard. Once an app is created copy it's application identifier that uniquely identifies your app during integration.

Step 1: Create an account with Apxor

Your organisational owner who is handling the integration should sign up on the nudges dashboard. This account will have the administrator privileges to invite developers to complete the integration / other users of the organisation with respective privileges.

Enter your name, work email, phone number, job title and company name on the sign-up page. The company name you enter here will be displayed as the Organisation Name in the Apxor Dashboard.

Step 2: Setting of password to the registered account

After completing the sign-up, a link to set his password will be sent to the registered email address.

The link would redirect the organisational owner to create a password to access his account

Step 3: Sign in and access your organisation

Please sign in on the nudges dashboard with your account credentials to access your organisation

Select your organisation to add a new app inside your organisational account

Step 4: Add a new application to your organisation

Click on add application to add a new application to the apxor dashboard.

Enter your app name and app icon url to identify your app on the Apxor dashboard

Step 5: Copy the application identifier

Tap to copy the application identifier on the top right corner

Step 6 : Continue with the integration process

Congragulations, you have successfully copied the application identifier that you can use in the integration process to uniquely identify your app with Apxor. Please continue with the integration process by clicking here


Once you create a new app,It usually takes 1-2 hours for review. Our Admin will send an email on approval. You can also email us at for any queries. Thank you.

Additional Information

Recommend the developer to ask for dashboard access to the organisational owner to provide accurate information of the app bundleId, FCM Server key and verify the integration. The organisational owner will have the privilege to add developer by clicking on InviteDevelopers > Invite and by entering the developer email id.

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