The Uninstall Analysis Section helps you get a quick view of app Uninstalls and their trends at an event and user journey level.


You can take a look at the total number of uninstalls and the number of Day 0 Uninstalls within the selected time period in the global date range. You can also analyze for a cohort of users or version wise filtering.

Uninstall Distribution

The uninstalled users can be filtered based on their User or Session Properties.

Example: You can choose the user property age_range and select any value to understand the uninstall trends of users from that age range.

You can select the session property as location_city and choose any city to get to know the uninstall trends of users who are from a particular city.

The Uninstall Trends give an overview of the uninstalls that occurred in the selected time period. The graph on the left shows the trend of the number of active users along with the number of uninstalled users, for a quick comparison. The graph on the right gives a comparison of the number of new installs along with the number of Day 0 uninstalled users (the number of users who uninstalled on the day they installed the app)

Uninstalls by Journey

Uninstalls by Journey is a segmentation graph that allows you to group the users who uninstalled into 3 segments based on Day Wise usage from Day 0 to Day 90 and visualizes the number of uninstalls in those segments.

Uninstall Day Usage

On clicking one of these segments, you can see the top events done by these users before uninstalling the app with the event count and the user count. You can also see the top events done by these users on the day of uninstall or in their lifetime by using the toggle on the top right of the graph.

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