Easily sync user cohorts from Mixpanel to Apxor


  1. A Mixpanel account

  2. User cohorts that you want to send to Apxor

Step 1. Select Integrations from the "Data Management" dropdown

Step 2. Scroll down and select the "Custom Webhook" option. Click on "Connect"

Step 3. Now, enter the URL. The URL will be

“https://server.apxor.com/v1/cohorts/mxp/sync/:appId”, where appId is the unique identifier of the customer in the Apxor dashboard.

Step 4. Enter ApxCohortSync in the username field and auth token given by the Apxor team in the password field. Click "Continue".

Step 5. Once a custom webhook is created, you can export the cohorts to that webhook. Navigate to the Data Management dropdown and select "Cohorts."

Step 6. Click on the options button for a cohort and export it to the webhook you just created.

Step 7. After this, you will be able to export Cohorts from Mixpanel to Apxor as a One-time export or a Recurring sync.

Step 8. The same cohort will be visible on the Apxor dashboard in the "Cohorts" tab, with Source set as "MIXPANEL". It might take up to 20 minutes for the cohort to sync in Apxor on the cohorts page.

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