Easily synchronize user segments from CleverTap to Apxor

Step 1: Create Webhook

  1. Navigate to Settings > Engage > Channels> Webhooks.

  1. Click on Add Webhook button in the top right corner

  2. You will get a pop up to create webhook template

  3. Select POST method and enter the following as the destination URL – (enter your Apxor app-id in place of <app-id>). Know how to get app id.<app-id>

  4. Enable basic authorization and enter the username and password provided by the Apxor Team.

    Contact your Apxor CSM or email us at

  5. Click on Create button and the webhook gets created.

Step 2: Creating a webhook campaign

  1. Now we will create a webhook campaign that transfers users data through the newly created webhook. Navigate to the campaign section and create your webhook campaign as shown in image below.

  2. Complete the sections provided and make sure you have selected correct webhook under webhook section

  3. Under What Section click on Go To Editor button

  4. Add a custom attribute with field name apx_cohort_name and enter a name for your cohort

  5. Let all other fields be as it is.

  6. Use Preview & Test to test it out.

  7. After finishing all sections go to publish campaign and click on it

  8. Within a few minutes after publishing the campaign, there will be a new dynamic cohort added to your Apxor application dashboard. Use this cohort to target the right audience for your Apxor campaigns.

For more information refer to the CleverTap documentation.

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