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Apxor Web SDK Integration

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Add and Initialize Apxor SDK and Plugins

You can find the description and default values for Initialization options here

  • Run the following command in your terminal to add Apxor SDK and plugins into your Website

npm install --save apxor apxor-qe apxor-rtm
  • Add the following import statements in application root component or page to make sure that these two packages will be bundled when you build your Website

import Apxor from "apxor"; //ES6
import CE from "apxor-qe";
import ApxorRTM from "apxor-rtm";
  • Add the following values in Initialization option's plugin and deps array

Apxor.init("YOUR_SITE_ID", {
  // ...
  plugins: ["ApxorRTM"],
  deps: [ApxorRTM, CE],
  version: "<YOUR_WEBSITE_VERSION>", // Optional (If provided, use semantic version eg. "1.4.4")
  // ...


Contact support@apxor.com to get your unique SITE_ID

Additional features API Guide

Click here for guides to log user properties, events and event properties.

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