The Retention tab under Apxor's Analysis section helps you check your app’s User Retention.​

At a glance, you can monitor user retention using the Retention Cohort Analysis and toggle between numeric or percentage values of retained user count in the selected period from the global date range filter.​

In the table that follows, you can see the retention cohort to further understand the retention of the selected users.​

Time period selection​

Here, you can choose the kind of User Retention you wish to monitor. You can select between Daily, Weekly or Monthly retention or define a custom time period.​

Usage Targeting (Filter By)​

Now that you have narrowed down the time period you want to analyze, you can move on to choose their app usage.

Example: You can only choose to see the retention of users who did the selected event on the Day 0 (Week 0, in case of weekly) using Facebook and finished a Carnatic music lesson and did same or another selected event on Day 1 (Week 1, in case of weekly)

Based on the conditions selected, you can check the retention cohort and graph.​

Using the add to dashboard icon, you can add the cohort to your any of your custom dashboards and monitor retention easily.​

Habits Framework​

The habits framework in the Apxor dashboard lets you monitor the repeat usage trend and strength of various app events across the user’s journey.​

This lets you analyze how different habits are being formed for your users, check the front heavy features and promote features that are leading to long term habits.​

Habit Trend​

Habit trend explains what percentage of your Day n users do a certain event.​

Example: 48.75% of D1 users finish a music practice while only 28.3% of D90 users do the same event.​

This helps you pin point the features that are mostly consumed by new users (Front heavy features) and features that are consumed more by your long term retained users.​

Habit Strength ​

Habit Strength describes how many times users consume different events in various stages of their user journey.​

Example: Day 0 users do about 5.7 practices on an average while Day 90 users do around 7.9 practices. This showcases a clear habit being formed for the users.​

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