This integration lets you sync cohorts from Amplitude to Apxor.

Get API key from Apxor Dashboard

  1. On Apxor’s dashboard, navigate to the Connections tab.

  2. Click on Amplitude under the Sources section.

  3. Click Connect and copy the API key.

Amplitude Setup

  1. In Amplitude Data, click Catalog and select the Destinations tab.

  2. In the Cohort section, click Apxor.

  3. Enter Name and paste in the API key you copied from Apxor.

  4. Map the same Amplitude User_ID with the primary key from the Apxor panel.

  5. Save when finished.

Sync a cohort

To sync your first cohort, follow these steps:

  1. In Amplitude, open the cohort you want to sync, then click Sync.

  2. Select Apxor, then click Next.

  3. Choose the account you want to sync to.

  4. Choose the sync cadence.

  5. When finished, save your work.

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