Tooltips are short helpful inline messages that anchor text to a UI element and give contextual information to a user without taking up the entire app screen. You can choose any of the following templates for tooltips:

Basic Text

This template is a combination of a title and description with up to 2 buttons.

Basic Text + Image

This template contains an image, a title, and a description with up to 2 buttons.

Short Menu

This template consists of up to 3 buttons with icons and descriptions.


Each of these 3 tooltips can be customized as per the need. The available customizations for the same are as below:

Element Selection
  • By Element ID

  • By Customized Tag

  • By Path

  • By text filter in the element's content (android only) : For example, some cards in the viewport share the same id but will change from user to user. Then you can choose the element on which an element highlighter should be shown by selecting the common id and a filter for what to search.

  1. Container

    • Fill Color

    • Gradient

    • Radius

  2. CTAs

    1. Number of Buttons: 0, 1 or 2

    2. Button Fill: None, Solid

    3. Button Fill Color, Gradient

    4. Button radius (Rounded Rectangles)

    5. Action Options:

      • Dismiss the current step

      • Cancel the entire walkthrough

      • Redirect through

        • Activity

        • Deeplink

        • Key Value Pairs

  1. Font Size and Color

  2. Custom Font (any font that is an asset of the app)

  3. Font Style (Italic, Bold, Strike Through)

  4. Localized Formatting: Customize different parts of your text in various formats. Split into your desired number of lines etc.

  5. Dynamic Text: We can read and present any of the values of

    • User properties

    • Session Properties

    • UI element in the front end

    • Response from an API call

  6. Dynamic Script: We can perform the mathematical and logical operations between the values read from the above 4 sources using a few lines of code.

  • Auto Dismiss after X seconds

  • Dismiss on Outside touch on the screen

  • Dim Background with Color and Opacity

  • Waiting time for rendering: Useful in screen stabilization

  • Animation Effect with configurable speed

Close Icon

You can choose if you want a close icon at the top-right corner of a tooltip

  1. Type

    1. Normal

      • Icon color

    2. Filled

      • Icon color

      • Fill color

      • Shape: Rectangle, Circle

    3. Custom

      • Provide a url path to a custom icon image

  2. Actions :

    • Cancel the entire walkthrough

    • Dismiss the current step and continue the walkthrough

  3. Offset : Move position from Top and Right

  4. Change Height and Width of icon

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