Easily synchronize user segments from MoEngage to Apxor


  • MoEngage Account

  • Segments that you want to send to Apxor

1. Create a Custom Destination

Step 1: Open the Moengage dashboard and hover on the left panel

  • Click on App Marketplace

Step 2: Scroll down and click on Custom destinations

Step 3: Click on Add Custom Destination

Step 4: Give a name to the destination and click on Add

2. Create an Integration

Step 1: Click on Integrate and then select + Add Integration

Step 2: Enter a name to identify the integration

  • Select the POST method

  • Now, enter the URL as “”, where appId is the customer's unique identifier in the Apxor dashboard.

Step 3: Authentication

Under Authentication, select Basic Auth and enter ApxCohortSync in the username field and auth token given by the Apxor team in the password field.

Step 4: Configure

  • In Map user identities, set Destination identifier as custom_user_id

  • In the Request body, change add_users to add_members and remove_users to remove_members

  • Set the Throttle to 5000 users at a time

  • The request preview should match the highlights in the snapshot below

  • Click on Next

Step 5: Test

  • In the test page enter a example custom_user_id in the User value and click on test

  • The response should be Success with response code 200

  • Click on Add integration

  • Integration has been created successfully!

3. Segment Sync

Step 1: Navigate to All Segments tab in the left panel

Navigate to All Segments tab in the left panel and click on the options button for the segment you want to sync and select Sync Segment

Step 2: Click on the destination dropdown

  • Now click on the Destination drop-down and select the integration that you wish to sync with.

  • You can also add a Destination and create an Integration from the Add Destination option in the drop-down menu. Follow the above procedures.

  • Select the sync frequency (one-time or recurring), configure notification settings, and click on Save Sync

  • The segment sync status and history can be seen on the Segment Sync Info page

  • The same segment will be visible on the Apxor dashboard in the "Cohorts" tab, with the source set as "MOENGAGE". It might take up to 20 minutes for the segment to sync with Apxor on the cohorts page.

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