Funnels in the Apxor dashboard help you with more than just monitoring your conversions rates.​ You can group the users in various steps of the funnel by a range of properties and check the impact of the same.​ Click on Funnels in the analysis tab to get started.​

Creating a new funnel

You can choose a saved funnel that was created previously or you can start creating a new funnel by clicking on Add Step 1.

Select an event and add any event properties you'd like by clicking on Add Filter.​

After adding all your events in the funnel, you can rearrange them or add more events using the icons in the image shown.​

Next, select the conversion window from the dropdown, with options ranging from just a few minutes to a couple of months.

You can save this funnel and name it so that you can analyse it anytime.​

On clicking Get Funnel, you will be able to see the funnel for the selected events and properties within the conversion window in the time selected in the global time filter.​

Analysing a funnel

You can take a look at the overall conversion percentage of the funnel on the top right of the funnel. ​From here, you can also add the funnel to a custom dashboard.​

Funnel Comparison

You can also compare multiple saved funnels by selecting them from a dropdown in the Conversion Over Time section. Here, you will be able to take a look at the day wise trend of the conversion of the selected funnels.

Grouping by Properties

Next you can utilise the Group by feature to understand the impact of a user, session or event property on the conversion in the funnel across the steps. Simply, choose the event from the tabs and then choose the property you want to drill down into.

Example: Take a look at the impact of the session property DayOfTheWeek on conversion.

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