Here is how you can quickly migrate the events from MoEngage to Apxor for setting up campaign triggers when there is no seperate analytics class that sends the events from a single place.

  1. Add the following dependency to your application build.gradle file and click on Sync Now button.

    Path: <project>/app/build.gradle
        // Event tracking and a must have dependency for other plugins
        implementation ''
        // ..
  2. Find and replace all of the selected SDK event logging APIs with Apxor provided function

    Replace this

    Properties properties = new Properties();

    with this

    PropertiesWrapper propertiesWrapper = new PropertiesWrapper();

    Also replace

    MoEAnalyticsHelper.INSTANCE.trackEvent(context, "Event", properties);

    with this

    MoEngageWrapper.trackEvent(MoEAnalyticsHelper.INSTANCE, context, "Event", propertiesWrapper);

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